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Airport 77 (1977)

Airport 77 (1977)

As the credits claim: "The incident portrayed in this film is fictional; the rescue capabilities utilized by the navy are real". And now that is pretty cool. And it looks like the plane is actually submerged, even if they probably aren't that far from land while filming (you only see one side of open sea after all), and the equipment; rescue process does look authentic, even if there's always that one guy sitting there shirtless doing nothing...

The story? A plane is hijacked, taken to the Bermuda triangle, and there it crashes. But this is just the introduction, the hijacking is quickly overshadowed by the new problem: they are all underwater. It's not about catching the bad guys. It's about saving the passengers, submerged at the bottom of the ocean, trapped in an aluminum vessel originally designed for flight.

As the water seeps in you just might start feeling the same desperation the passengers are. Even if their screams are clipped by oldskool recording equipment, all reactions aren't spot-on convincing, the blood doesn't seem very menacing and the piano guy just looks silly in those shades - the movie overall is convincing. The plot is both unique and elaborate, and a few key people in the crew make up for everybody else's lack of devotion and nerve. George Kennedy is getting less and less screen time for each one of these movies, but he's still there too!

This is definitely my favorite Airport movie so far.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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