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Alien: Covenant (2017)

Alien: Covenant (2017)

None other than the Alien franchise seems to manage the same sense of isolation, desperation, and hopelessness! I guess with so many prequels under his belt Ridley Scott really knows what he's doing by now.

Are there really no happy endings to this alternate universe, though? They keep taking the perfect endings and destroying them, in the most twisted possible way. Oh, spoiler alert. But you probably know the drill by now.

It's not that I wasn't expecting this one, not at the end, but I still expected... or maybe I hoped? ...for something just a little brighter, this time. Each time it's maybe this time. Some day there'll come one that actually ends happily, and each time it feels like maybe this is that time. But it's not. Not yet.

Then again maybe it just wouldn't be this particular franchise if it was. Too Hollywood. Too Human. Too unlike the Alien vein.

Despite - and maybe also because of the darkness, this was another great movie though. Space movies lately really convey the vastness of space well, and this is no exception. It's exceptional. The special effects are great. The atmosphere is great. It's great. It's Alien, yeah?

The story all takes place far from Earth, and is a bit of a spin-off on the earlier Prometheus, where here a group of colonists just happen to stumble upon a previously unknown planet that shows great promise, go in for a landing and... they find that old cradle of life... only now it's the antonym.

You can probably sort of figure out what happens next. It's a welcome return to origins, yet not at all old. It fits right in. With the times, with the origins; with whatever is yet to come. Great watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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  1. S3C
    Wednesday Jul/11/2018

    the best one yet! the first half of the movie was a little too star-treky, and the casting could have been better, but overall impressive visuals and good action. Highly interesting plot too, albeit predictable like you mentioned.

    hmm, Prometheus had a relatively happy ending. Supposedly, the next sequel will have some focus on the engineers, which is what I hoped the Alien: Covenant would be about but rather it went in a totally different direction

  2. Cyber
    Tuesday Aug/7/2018

    Oh there's a sequel in the works already! Interesting. Definitely looking forward to seeing that, whatever group of characters they choose to focus on (seems like its gotta be a female engineer though if it is that one group).

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