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All About The Money (2017)

All About The Money (2017)

Three buddies go to Colombia to take down a kingpin, and then crazy shit starts happening!

The whole concept of the movie is crazy though, so maybe that shouldn't surprise you too much. It's a good movie, with infrequent but bad-ass bouts of action, Danny Trejo (only a minor role), Eddie Griffin, Jon Gries, Casper Van Dien and... other guys. It's not always entertaining to the laughing point, but a fine balance between entertaining and exciting, and just plain crazy (the amount of times I'm saying this will probably make you expect more crazy than there is: it's moderately crazy).

The main trio are a suitably naive bunch of guys, and, well, it's a good movie! Crazy but not too crazy. Serious. Simple fun.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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