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All's Well, Ends Well (2009)

All's Well, Ends Well (2009)

I got suckered into a love story again, but it's alright! It's a good one. Though if you're looking for Donnie Yen here you might be looking the wrong way. Just like with this one he's just a one second cameo at the end of it.

Well he was a bit more than that in the previous, but still. Wonder if they just add him in the cast lists for views or if it's something else, a running gag/buddy thing maybe...

Anyway this is a story of love, and of giving up on love.
It's the story of a younger brother and older sister where the sister doesn't want to get married and the brother puts every girl he goes out with in danger if he proposes to them before she proposes to someone.

So a lot of things happen, the classy love doctor Dick Cho gets involved and... well, it's a comedy.

It's a little messy sometimes, but fun. Good fun. Uplifting, hopeful and charming ditto. If you don't have anything special planned maybe this'd do.

All's well that ends well. It's true.

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all


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