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Alone (2017)

Alone (2017)

When Mark Woods, a survivor of a deadly virus that wiped out mankind, goes city to city in search for other survivors, he slowly discovers that his traumatic past holds the key to his survival.

After Attack The Bloc it seems post-apocalyptic French sci-fi movies became a thing! Or maybe they were before, too... need to catch up if so.

They do a good job here. They capture the isolation maybe better than I Am Legend did, without relying on special effects so much to map out the city. Or maybe it's that the sun never shines here. There's a nod to The Fog too, and Lost, and a lot of things. It's a horror sci-fi circus of the macabre!

For a moment I thought they'd actually depicted heaven too, but is that heaven? What an ending. Damn. Was a solid four already but that just brought it all a little bit higher. And I really hope you aren't reading this if you haven't already watched the movie...

 rated 4.5/5: almost awesome


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