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Alpha (2018)

Here's the story of a hunter, and even more so: his son. It takes place 20,000 years ago, with guest narration by Morgan Freeman. His modern English surrounded the ancient tongue oddly, but strongly, as always.

It was a good story, and filmed well, albeit sometimes with a modern flare that seemed unsuitable for such an ancient tale. The flashbacks, slow motion jumps and plunges; fuzzy sparks rising to the sky. Beautiful but unnatural sceneries stream by, and animals (all but the wolf... and hare), on a harsh and emotional hunt, but even more so: long voyage home.

It was good, but predictable, obviously angled towards a smaller audience (no blood, emphasis on moments that might rouse a child - like the insects, focus on family relations, simplified villains, etc), and stylized i a way that - though it looked cool - I don't feel had a place in this time. I would've preferred dirty, close and chaotic. The struggle under the ice as seen from the side had more movie poster potential than momentary immersion.

I do appreciate the natural beauty, monumental scenery and power - without having to resort to cliche, sex appeal or gore, but at the same time it's like they're somehow parodying our ancestors. Making their lives both more, and less, than they really were.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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