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There's a new game on the horizon!

There always is, of course, but this one's one I've played a part in the development of - albeit with unfortunately time-limited doses of early testing - as well as been bestowed upon the honors of my own playable in-game character! He goes by the name of Drane, and he's a beast tamer.

Drane's backstory's mine; the rest is all in line with the game's main story. Get into it yourself to find out more and see what he goes for!

The game in question is a pretty ambitious somewhat underground JRPG, set in the expansive world of Valgardia, with an adventure-packed storyline that follows the mysterious boy Mobius on a quest - through lands far too wide where fates do collide - for justice but maybe most importantly truth.

It goes by the name of Altered Ancient Gears II, and is being brought to life by the maybe equally mysterious New York-based developer Sai, in honor of his son, and as a homage of sorts to all games within the genre; not least as a test as to the capabilities of the Game Maker engine in creating a world that sometimes seems to defy the limits of what it should be capable of. And of course: just making a great game for all to play and enjoy.

But you'd best head over here to read more about it from the mouth of the maker, and maybe fetch an early download while you're at it. ;) There's still room for contribution if you'd like to get involved!

I'll be polishing up a page for the game on site as I play through it myself. Head over here for a slimmed down summary; eventually maybe a little guide and more in-depth exploration of the game. Whatever time allows for, and whatever it's alright to post if so. ;)

The final version of the game's yet to be released but Sai's looking for feedback; players who'd like to delve a bit deeper into this wartorn yet wondrous alternative world! Here's that link again! Enjoy.


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