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American Made (2017)

American Made (2017)

Time for the true story of the 'gringo who delivered': Barry Seal, a modern day cowboy who lived the Seventies like they'd last forever! And went out with a bang.

It reminds me of Blow in how it all starts so great but ends so badly... but not all badly after all. It's the story of a man who gets it all, and who goes where others just wouldn't have had the balls to, but also seems to be tossed from one adventure to the next without really knowing where he's going, and after a while not having much control over it either. Message to the youthful: think before you leap.

The seventies style filming comes and goes like his accent, but I love how the movie's filmed, in semi-documentary style, with a little fun, a little gun-running, with serious moments where you can sense the danger, but like Barry just have to shake off and keep going.

Wonder what would've happened it he jumped ship and stayed in Nicaragua... but then again those guys weren't ever really on his side either. Lucy was the one and only, so at least there's some light to the story. And I'm happy it doesn't paint America as the stereotypically greatest ever. At least not when you're not in the CIA. All in all it's just one crazy venture with an unfortunate end, staring a strange kind of victim. Until we meet again, Barry Steal, you kept it: pretty real.

Kinda rhymes. Like this movie was: kinda awesome.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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