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American Ninja 3 - Blood Hunt (1989)

American Ninja 3 (1989)

There's a female ninja in the mix this time... Chun Li (doh)! There's a new main character too, Shawn, a much more tempered main character than the old one. Jackson's still there though, another enthusiastic sidekick... and yeah, there are ninjas.

Swapping out the main character with a new one, and having a background with no army for a change... somehow... ruins it a bit. I liked the original scenario better. I liked the first character better too. Even though it's not like he died, they're really throwing him in a bin and moving onto a new actor... as they say in the description "Jackson is back, and now he has a new partner, karate champion Sean..."

Since when did Jackson become the main character? He's not the ninja! He's not even the main character! This is getting messed up. Jackson saying: "I thought I had left all this behind with Joe in the Army" just isn't enough. Apparently the reason why Michael Dudikoff, main character in the first two movies, opted out of this one was because of some tax scandal regarding movies filmed in South Africa. American Ninja 3 took place on the remote Caribbean island of Triana btw, just so you know...

Compared to the previous movie, this one is actually a bit more polished, still with the same type of sinister plot. There are good guys, bad guys, chases, innocent bystanders who get caught in the fury...

There's also this one flight scene where the main character is talking the other guy down that's just... ridiculous. It takes so long before he reaches the ground, and all the time they're talking as if they were just watching from a distance and not really participating in it. A real B-movie moment you could say. At the end, there's a satisfying finale, there are fun punchlines; overall it's a good action movie, it just still doesn't have the same mystique or sense of realism as the first.

Fun fact: this movie from 89, is 89 minutes long!

 rated 3/5: not bad


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