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American Pie 4 - Reunion (2012)

American Pie 4 - Reunion (2012)

They're back at it again! After they all grew up and got lives of their own, the buddies get together again for a high school reunion. Jim and Michelle are having some issues. Kevin and Ellie aren't, but then Vicky comes around. Ozzy and Heather aren't together, but then they meet again. Finch hs lived the fine life, and Stifler's still the same guy as always. It's the same thing all over again, but with a few twists this time around, and new levels of awkwardness... and sex. Same old. You know. And even though it's bringing it to new levels in some areas, there's much less nudity overall. A show that they've matured, and grown up? Not really.

It feels like the series has moved more and more into the realm of being a 'gross-out piece', as one reviewer claimed the first one wasn't, but only the first one... and I agree. It started wild but harmless, but the confines keep being pushed until... I'm not so sure anymore. The see-through casserole lid was one bold but unnecessary step.

It is nice to get a resolution to this thing, and to reunite with the group and ascertain how they have (or not) changed their lives over the years, but there's still a bit much repetitive comedic elements. The Kara part was refreshing, and the jet-ski prank, but for the most part not much has changed. I don't mind if they do all stay the same forever, but the way they keep falling back on old lessons and going through their relationship dilemmas over and over is getting a bit old. Feels like they should be past that part by now; ready to explore new, and unchartered territory! Like they did with the third one.

Stifler finally gets some justice, at least. It starts with a good idea, goes in waves, but ends well.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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