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American Shaolin (1992)

American Shaolin (1992)

American Shaolin is the story of an American (duh) martial artist. It starts off with him fighting in a tournament, getting publicly humiliated; utterly defeated, almost giving up on his dreams... but thanks to some words of wisdom from his 'master', he goes to China and starts training in a Shaolin temple.

It's not easy at first, but through many trials and tribulations he realizes truths of life and finds another side in himself, a better side, an inner strength, and then... well you can probably predict how it'll turn out, but I'll leave that spoiled sentence unsaid for potential future watchers. :)

Compared to American Ninja, and similar movies, this one actually has a lot of authentic martial arts mixed in, and since it takes place in Asia it feels like much more of an authentic experience, despite the obvious Americanization to appeal to a more national audience. Oriental wisdom? Authentic martial arts? A rather generic and yet inspiring plot? It's got it. Great watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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