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An Inconspicuous Ankle Sprain Sunday

So I was sitting by the computer this morning, minding my dues as I usually do on mornings, with my left leg comfortably folded beneath my right leg, and was just about to head downstairs to do all further dues I cannot do by the computer, like trim a black current tree (it's Spring) and get some air.

To complicate simple matters my left foot had apparently fallen asleep, without my noticing, and as I stood up my left leg gave out on me.
I stumbled, and to keep from falling instinctively slammed down my left foot again, not yet noticing it folded inwards in its dormant state, and was the reason I was in this very unnecessary predicament in the first place.

And so, I found myself suddenly sitting on the floor with a rapidly swelling ankle, and a deja-vu like pain reminiscent of that one time now long ago (twenty year anniversary next year!) when right after I dislocated a knee in Jujitsu practice, had jumped down the stairs and - in a similarly stupid manner - sprained this same foot on the way to answer the phone...

The swelling's subsided somewhat. I can put pressure on the foot without considerable pain, so a doctor visit may not be necessary this time at least. I rested a bit to reduce initial swelling, applied some Arnica ointment (which by the way Weleda has for some reason stopped making - stock up while you can), and am back on my feet again, but I wonder if it's a good idea to go to work tomorrow.

I most probably definitely won't take the long walk I'd planned today, on which we'd intended to gather some birch sprouts on branches for upcoming Easter festivities. Maybe with a crutch huh. I have game development dues to do so I'll be sitting by the computer a lot today regardless, but this ankle's throbbing y'all...

Hadn't intended to spend this day on such a trivial mishap! But fun fact: Google translates pÄskris (Easter twigs) as Easter crisis.

Fingers crossed this sprain thang subsides quick.

Have a better Sunday y'all.


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  1. S3C
    Sunday Mar/24/2024

    In the words of snoop dog, you'll be aight

  2. Cyber
    Sunday Mar/24/2024

    Word. Thanks man

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