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Android Cop (2014)

Android Cop (2014)

This movie wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. In the introducvtory sequence when the hovercraft dropped down from the sky and the machinegun let out some rapid fire with only special effects rising out of the ground (they could've at least added some real dust) I wasn't expecting much... but... it gets better.

In a perfect world this movie could've been awesome, but I feel they could add least have mixed in the special effects with some real effects. After watching a bunch of HK movies (like Hard Boiled the other day) I realize one thing about real effects: they look real. They're not as predictable, they affect the surrounding scenery and they effect the film. A flash of light filmed within the movie has an effect on the camera, but with special effects added afterwards that camera effect is probably the hardest thing to emulate. The flash... fine, but the effect that flash has on film equipment, nearby characters etc, that's a bit more difficult. Bigger budget movies have the special effects integrated in such a way that you barely notice they aren't real, they really do an awesome job at it - even if I prefer the real thing, but for budget movies I wish they'd mix in some cheap tricks to add to the realism instead of trying to go pro. I mean, how about some firecrackers mixed in with hardened flour on the walls that are supposedly 'shot up' (cause in the movie the walls don't even get scratched). That's the kind of elements I'm missing.

As for the movie itself, it reminds me a bit of the nineties Cyborg Cop series, and it's also no doubt set to be released the same year as Robocop for some added attention. The plot's slightly more advanced than the Cyborg Cop movies, the actors slightly better, and... the fights aren't half bad either! The main actors aren't bad. The Android Cop actually does a great job of acting like an Android, and the plot, the seemingly Banlieue-13 inspired scenario with cops and gangs and good and evil and relationship drama; sacrifice - it's all great. It's the filmography that's lacking. It's oftentimes a bit stiff, and the CGI doesn't always cut it. Like I said, The tension builds up though, and towards the end I'm surprised, positively. Good watch.

 rated 2/5: decent


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