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Do you watch anime? If so, why do you watch anime? If not, why don't you watch anime? If so, why don't you do watch anime? If not, why do you don't do watch anime? If so, why don't you do do don't watch anime you? I made a website to find this out, will be posting it to a few forums here and there in January, and I hope a fair amount of people navigate their way there to post their insights in the animatter too! You can find the website right here. Did a diddy deal of planning before uploading, so it's fully workable and I don't have any future features planned. If you do though, I don't mind getting a few ideas by mail. Let me know if I spelled something wrong or left a secret easter egg somewhere *hint hint* or something. ;)

UPD: Site is down, link directs to a mirror now.


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