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Straw Hat Chase (2011)

So... I'm finally catching up with old One Piece movies! Well, they're new to me. I was just recently made aware of their existence and thus I had to see them, and this in the exciting wake of a potential 13th movie celebrating fifteen years of the series (if they'd made one each year these latest two years it'd have been the 15th too)! But anyway, here goes the first one of my short reviews for the two: the 11th movie.. Also, beware of major spoilers with no latter notice. Warning! Spoilers. Warning!

A Rare Glimpse At The Library!


Legend Of Korra END

Legend Of Korra END

Just in time for Christmas, one of only three anime's I still follow ends! It ended with a bang, and just a little bit too abruptly. I was wondering how they'd be able to tie up all relations in just two remaining episodes, and as it went I'm not sure they really did.

It was good; the whole series was a blast, but looking back at it I can't help feel like the entire series of events was needlessly rushed. And not just because I caught up to the first three seasons at a pace of less than two days a piece. It jumps right into the action from the very first episode, and that's how it keeps on rolling. It's captivating, personal; inspiring, but also a little too jumpy. Just a little too fast-paced. Just a little sad that it's all over, maybe, even if they do tie up all the loose ends.

Well, except that Korra is still the last one of her lineage. She has eternally severed her ties with all previous avatars, and if she dies there might not be anyone left in the world to tell the tale of Wan - the first avatar! How's that for a cliffhanger? She has no family or fiancée or even boyfriend, despite all the series previously (and now seemingly unnecessary) relation drama, and most of the key figures in the series don't have much of a say at the end. I'd have liked some wise words from her Grandma. Or how about some air bender enlightenment. Or what about the president, Bolin & Co and old friends and enemies alike?

The final battle, somewhat unlike the battles of previous seasons, seems to gather momentum first in the final episodes, and it ends with but a fraction of the war we expected. It both looks feels like there was more to be told, but this is it, it's the end, and for the record: it ends well.

Naruto Shining Bright!

Naruto Shining Bright!

The end of the Manga has been announced! Shock! Surprise!..

And though I suppose it's still far in the future for the anime, it's starting to look promising. :D All the random, unpredictable, imbalanced, wavering, tireless and out-of-proportion battle seems to be making way for a grand finale, Naruto standing on the mountain with a flash of light, obvious symbolism for: light in the darkness AKA hope when all is lost AKA he's the star of the show.

Once again eagerly looking forward to the next ep!

148 - It's Over

Gon & Killua

And so, it ends! It's over! It's done! For now.

Detective Conan 1 - 300

One of the longest airing anime series of all time, number 2 on the list of the longest anime series ever created, is Detective Conan - or Case Closed as it's known as internationally. I never planned to pick up this series, yet decided to watch the first episode on a whim, and since then I've been captivated. The main character is Shinichi, a highschool detective who gets drugged by a mysterious organization, in the first episode, after solving his first case in the series.

Detective Conan is something extra. Though the plot itself progresses awfully slowly outside the first few episodes, each case is in itself a work of art. The creativity and detail with which crimes are committed, and the clues and deductions that help Conan (along with many other helpful characters) solve each crime turn this into one of the most thought-out series I've ever seen. I tend to like fast-paced action better, so I suppose the exception proves the rule. This just isn't like most detective fiction I've seen - it's on an entirely different level.

So, I started watching the one episode and suddenly I'd watched 300. There's still quite a way left to go till I catch up, but considering how minimal the plot progression is, this isn't a serious you need to rush with. You can watch each episode, or each two episodes (when a case is composed of a couple) and get just as much out of it as you would a movie, and it's refreshing how it doesn't require continual watching. A certain day. A certain time. Every week. Like most series do...

Apart from the series, there have been plenty of movies over the years, each one not very different from specific cases, but with a noticeable raise in animation quality and complexity of the scenario Conan's about to solve. There's also the shot mini-series starring Kaito Kid (who appears occasionally in Detective Conan, more as a challenger than a real enemy). Even though he is a thief he never gets caught either. And of course there's the Manga! I was given a few books this year, and was surprised to see there were a few extra comic strips included in each one, featuring the cast being crazily creative and morbid and occasionally (fictionally, of course) killing the author. Who apparently had some trouble sleeping while working with some especially brutal cases.

All in all, it's a series worth watching, one that stands out from the mainstream by particularly not doing that. You could say it dwells in the shadows, in the underground of anime, steadily growing and taking over yet unknown for the vast majority of those who think they have their genres all figured out. I'm hoping to get some more of those manga books soon. JUst a few, maybe. A hundred or two.

Toriko Movie 2 - Bishokushin's Special Menu (2013)

Toriko Movie 2 - Bishokushin's Special Menu (2013)

Now this is more like it! After watching the recent Hunter X Hunter movie I might've forgotten for a moment how awesome anime movies can actually be. Toriko is an awesome series, every episode of it - but the movies, they are a blast past that, and considering the series is over (for now at least) this was a blast from the past as well!

The plot is this: Toriko heads off with Komatsu and that pilot guy to find one of Acacia's secret ingredients, in a special biotope hidden within the 'Hungry Triangle'. Kinda like the Bermuda Triangle you dig? It's an area surrounded by a huge hurricane, with giant fish swimming in the wind, eying them with red eyes, and the biotope itself is smack in the middle of it.

Right about the same time our main characters are making their way here, another character going by the name of Grim leaves the Bishokukai also in search of this certain ingredient, and ultimately with plans on conquering the world and all ingredients in it. The Bishokukai go after him. Toriko confronts him yet realizes quickly that he doesn't have a chance against this incredibly powerful (and awesome - at this point) dude. The rest of the Heavenly Kings join up shortly and give it a go, one after another - as is the tradition, but they are equally helpless. Most of the other noteworthy characters make an appearance in this movie too, along with an army of GT robots (the fight with them doesn't quite get as much attention as it could have... but it's a movie after all, it goes to show there's no filler here!), and a battle of grand portions and proportions begins!

There's a search for ingredients involved as well, and of course there is a message, some pretty intense battles and power-ups and you know the dealeo, some cliches and some nonsense, but it's great, it's spicy, it's hot, it's good. It's awesome! You want some? Don't wait! Go thaw some today! So you can say you saw some when you wake at dawn some day. Yeah.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

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