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Naruto Back On Track!

Naruto Back On Track!

Oh yeah, finally! As of episode 362 the filler is over.

Hunter X Hunter - Phantom Rouge (2013)

Hunter X Hunter - Phantom Rouge (2013)

Hunter X Hunter has been - apart from One Piece - pretty much the only anime series I've been following passionately the past two years. I just found out they've made a movie for it, I watched it, and I was... disappointed.

The plot is this: Killua gets his eyes stolen, it turns out there's a puppet master out to steal all their eyes, they fight him, the rest of the Spiders (their enemies) get involved and help out, they keep spouting bullshit, saying each other's names over and over again, emphasizing the value of friendship until it gets tiring, fighting together, helping a girl, yada yada. By normal anime standards I guess it'd be OK.

But the Hunter X Hunter atmosphere wasn't there at all, not the despair nor the sense of adventure; more importantly not the surprise that puts this series in a class of its own. The unexpected never happens. It's so predictable it's embarrassing. HxH is a great series, so of course I had great expectations on a movie with it's name... it just didn't hold up to that name. :/

 rated 3/5: not bad

New Anime 2014

I made one of these posts at the start of last year, so why not keep the tradition going? I'm waiting on an Internet-intense polling process to complete, and with nothing better to do anyway (well I have, but I'd rather do this), I thought I'd discuss the new titles of the year that I'll be following (I just updated the anime sidebar btw, it's amazing how fast these fan-subbing sites change... it's only been a year or so :P).

There are two titles on my watchlist this year. Kill la Kill actually started last year, but Space Dandy is brand new and a mere 5 episodes in. They're both great. In terms of fluidity of animation I am positively amazed, the plot is elaborate and entertaining, the characters unique, the oppai perceptible, the soundtracks groovy and... well, what else is there to say? The fact that I stumbled upon these specific two titles is no coincidence. They're both regarded as a couple of the best anime titles ever made in latter years, and I've been ordained them in good recommendation.

Apart from these two new additions, I have no plans on picking up any more, but I have added a few older titles to my will-watch list so... who knows, maybe I'll delve more into anime than I expect to. The two new titles are in the sidebar though. If you're looking for something new and haven't seen those, they're awesome. No joke. I made a few header images for each one cause I felt like one image each just wasn't enough. :P


Feel The Power

You Know The Drill!

Kill La Kill is about a world were clothing controls people, it's about vengeance, war, humanity, love and a wild teenage rage. It moves at an incredibly fast pace with mixes logic with random occurrence and surprise wildly. It might be the most surprising as is it begins, but so far there hasn't been a dull moment.

Space Candy

Space Dandy

The Sign

Space Dandy is about a dandy in space, about aliens, friendships, breastaurants and other creative tidbits that keep popping up in each episode. Each episode is just that, an episode, a short story on its own, though you do grow to know some of the re-occurring elements and characters in the story. They mix in plenty of moral along with the puns, personas and general inventiveness of plot and what-not.

As for the series that aren't new...

Naruto Shippuuden seems like it may be nearing the end, but if that's the case I have a feeling the end might last the rest of the year. Toriko and Hunter X Hunter are both approaching the most intense battles in the series yet, all characters facing off against superhuman foes they at times have little hope to defeat, and in One Piece the Strawhats & Co just landed in Dressrosa, Don Flamingo Territory. Things are started to get heated in all areas! Kill La Kill stays heated all the time, and Space Dandy has a cool pace to it, chill but real-ly intriguing.

Haven't seen Detective Conan in a while, but it's still a great series worth following (I just don't feel I have time for it) so it remains in the sidebar. Fairy Tail is over... for now at least, and thus removed from the list. That's the status right now, as we say cya to jan and move up a notch. Onto (the rest of) a new year of great anime!

Kill La Kill - First Impressions

This anime is just incredible! I watched the first episode on a whim, and it had me hooked from just a few seconds in. And now suddenly I'm all caught up with the first twelve episodes in less than a week... and the watch list in the sidebar has been updated.

It starts with a lecture. The teacher has just a few seconds of screen time on the topic of Germany, 1933, when someone kicks in the door to the classroom (it's a metal door to boot), one main character (more like sidekick) is subtly introduced, a drama presents itself in the form of a kleptomaniac rebel, the main characters' (not yet revealed) future best friend sits by the desk beside his, he reveals himself, tries to escape, battle ensues, he gets his ass kicked, the school leader is presented, camera pans out from the school to the town to a long road below where a transfer student has just arrived... and that's where things really begin to get interesting!

Everything is so fast paced and intense it's crazy, all the time, there's always something going on. It's not randomly random like Excel Saga, but the comedy is reminiscent of this prior masterpiece, and the fighting is on par with pretty much any action anime out there. The animation quality isn't always incredibly detailed, but there's an incredible amount of detail. There are blasts that don't even last a second, flashes of light, awesome explosions that like a vortex suck in a group of people before blowing them away, people flying in the air like dry leaves, incredibly fluent motion and some of the most awesome fights I've seen in a while.

But it's not just about the action, there's a complex plot as well, of which more and more is revealed along the way, and though more is revealed in the first episode than would usually be revealed in an entire arc of a normal series, the information output in the ensuing episodes is given at a tolerable pace. Considering how fast everything happens in the first episode, and considering the main character even has time to quarrel with the main boss this early on, I'm surprised to see that twelve episodes flash by and there are still revelations waiting around the corner.

So far I'm flabbergasted, I haven't been very active with new anime series lately but this one might bring me back in, again. Looking forward to seeing what the second (and final) season has to offer!

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome

Battle Commence!


The big showdown in Toriko, Starjun versus you know who! All the other chefs are fighting for their lifes alongside these strong prides.


And Naruto's kicking it up a notch too, Madara and Tobi unite to face the Nine-tailed hero. How come all these showdowns always coincide like this? In Hunter X Hunter, the crew are just about to bust into the palace and face the king. In One Piece, the vicious Breed just started his face-off against the Strawats, and in Kill La Kill the Kamui finally took over and things are getting super-crazy. All the shows I follow!

Anime Moments



/img/3/Anime-Moments-1.jpg">Hunter X Hunter

That's what's up.

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