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Battle Commence!


The big showdown in Toriko, Starjun versus you know who! All the other chefs are fighting for their lifes alongside these strong prides.


And Naruto's kicking it up a notch too, Madara and Tobi unite to face the Nine-tailed hero. How come all these showdowns always coincide like this? In Hunter X Hunter, the crew are just about to bust into the palace and face the king. In One Piece, the vicious Breed just started his face-off against the Strawats, and in Kill La Kill the Kamui finally took over and things are getting super-crazy. All the shows I follow!

Anime Moments



/img/3/Anime-Moments-1.jpg">Hunter X Hunter

That's what's up.

New Anime 2013

Seeing as a lot of other people post posts about the new and exiting series popping up for the year ahead, that they will gladly be following, I thought I'd follow their example and set a good example! :D

I'm not watching anything new. None. Njet.

I'll keep following the ones I'm following, but that's about it. Maybe I'll watch one or two short OAVs, and of course the occasional hentai, but other than that: that's it. If there's time I do hope to catch up on the episode reviews I started a few years ago though. Only 400 episodes to catch up on One Piece. Ugh.

Toriko Wallpaper

Nah, not really, but don't they look like it? They're a couple of screencaps taken from some random episode... with unregularly great ending art. The tears of the beast below give great Cola, if you're wondering, by the way, just saying...



Narutoverse Is Gone

It appears their blogspot page has been removed. Will they be back? Are they down for good? Why isn't there domain name pointing somewhere else yet? Time may tell.

For now, I suppose it's time to find an alternative.

Error Error ERROR

Soul Link (2006)

Soul Link (2006)

Humm, why did I watch this anime again? The voice acting is crappy, the animation/graphics look like they just colored the manga and removed all the shading. The only episode that graphically does the plot justice is the one where Gale dies. For that one especially it looks like they put in some extra work in the drawing. Maybe I'm just getting spoiled by graphically superior series such as Bleach and the other large ones.

But it's not just the graphics. The characters are all stereotypes that can't handle any tough situations, get embarrassed easily, get frightened easily, fight with each other, but never really go overboard. People die though it doesn't seem like they'd need to, and the antagonist is killed by a small girl, just like that, and then it's all over. It's eh... it's like... I don't know, apathetic somehow.

Though it's a happy-go-lucky series, there's no real comedy either, just awkward situations and occasionally smiling people. Mostly they're just scared and naive, though. To top it off there's no real action, no pace or fluency in the fights, just gunfights in which people stick their necks out but don't get hit, then get shot when they do something stupid, apparently just to add some suspense, and the terrorists are all over the place but sometimes they are so out of the situation that it's like they're on another planet.

Not to say I didn't enjoy it, it was a feel-good series with some drama, tragedy, romance... all the things that are characteristic to regular anime that will never make it across the ocean from Japan. It's a story about about a bunch of teenagers in space, different kinds of relations, good and bad, a virus, a plot that could have been more that they just threw away... but it's still entertaining to watch. JSYK though, I won't watch it again. I'll give it a...

 rated 3/5: not bad

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