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Soul Link 1

Soul Link is an anime about a bunch of cadets who go to space to train on space station Aries, and a bunch of things happens. I started watching it since I had some spare time studies to do, and decided to review the lot of them at the same time. This episode pretty much introduces all the characters, so, here we go! There's...



Yonkou Fansubs... Gone? Back To Yibis

Yupp, they're done for. Apparently I was on vacation when they quit. The site was down when I returned. Their final message was:

It looks like 552 will be our final release. As you’ve probably noticed, our speed has dropped pretty drastically as of late. The reason is that now that we’re a couple years in, a lot of the members have grown up, gotten jobs, etc. and just don’t have the time to dedicate to fansubbing. As a full time employee myself, it’s very hard to dedicate Saturday night, Sunday morning, and another day in the middle of the week to release considering that is more or less the only free time I ever get. Also, do remember that a lot of us were members of fansubs prior to Yonkou, we’re all a bit older than you may think."

So that's that. Big shame since they were one of my favorite groups out there ATM. Good thing Yibis (their main competitor, in existence way before Yonkou) still exist though, and they caught up, too! In case they fall behind, there's also Kousei Fansubs. It's now listed as an alternative in the episode list. They're the real speed-sub group out there right now.

15 Mini Reviews #2

I decided to review some sequels. So expect sequels. :P

Afro Samurai - Resurrection (2009)

The second part of Afro Samurai fails to beat the original. In difference from the first, it's in movie format and not multiple episodes. The animation is still insanely detailed. The music is still made by the RZA. Overall it's a great anime, but it just doesn't beat the original. We already know Afro's story. The enemies are both new and old, the plot differs but there's really not much to see. If you stil haven't had enough of Afro Samurai I guess it's a must see anyway... though.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


Air Gear - Break On The Sky (2010)

Air Gear was a good anime, but it always felt like it had more potential than what they turned it into. The animation didn't always capture the flow, the movements were not as realistic as they could have been and the series didn't maintain a steady rhythm. sometimes I felt cheated, but overall it was good. In similar to the anime above this is also a sequel in movie format, so no episodes. It's also more detailed, and it goes faster than the anime does, but they still haven't managed to improve enough to keep up with the potential for the plot. Still worth watching if you liked the series, but it could have been oh so much better!


Toriko (2011)

Toriko (2011)

Toriko is all about food. When I started watching it, it reminded me a bit of Yakitate Japan! and some other series about something edible that I can't really recall right now... but though it's reminiscent of series I've watched in the past it's still completely different. Mainly because Toriko is crazy-strong, and he's already crazy strong in the first episode. Luffy (from One Piece) and Toriko do share a few characteristics, and their being crazy-strong is one of them, so it's not strange that the first episode of Toriko was a mashup between the two series, featuring the whole Strawhat Crew and Toriko + Komatsu all together in an adventure on some mysterious/dangerous but also very delicious island. Something that could fit in both worlds. It was a surprisingly wellmade mashup as well, the characters actually go along well together, though no serious is cut out for two main characters with the strong main-character-personality that both Toriko and Luffy air.


15 Mini Reviews

A bunch of quick reviews from the old anime page.

2×2=Shinobuden (2004)

It's crazy & filled with ninjas. What else do you need? If you're weak of heart you might want to stay away though... you might die laughing.

Afro Samurai (2007)

This is the short story of the legendary afro-bearing samurai and his path towards avenging his father and defeating number one. In this world there are 2 headbands, number one and number two. The number one resides in atop a mountain, and only the one with the number two headband can fight him. The journey is long and the enemies strong. Voice acting is by famous Samuel Jackson. This is one of extremely few American animated series (with Japanese animation style) that have actually been watchworthy. It consists of 5 averagely sized episodes with many different characters and battles.


DCTP Stops Subbing Conan

I haven't been following Detective Conan for a long time, and I haven't caught up with the series either, but it seemed to be one of those series that stayed Japanese even when most anime series where migrating to other parts of the world and gaining large followings of non-anime-fanatic fans. Now the one group that has been subbing Detective Conan tirelessly since ancient times is giving up by request. If you visit the site this is the notice that pops up.

DCTP Stops Subbing Conan


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