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Labyrinth Of Flames (2000)

Labyrinth Of Flames Review

This anime is crazy as hell. Funny too. Don't feel like writing a review so here's a few pictures to convey the message properly. :)


Firefly, The Sakura Falls

Booming Blooming

Big things coming sometime soon, the struggle will be hard, but until then I shall refrain from posting anything. Hasta la vista, Windows 7, and beyond! Picture from One Piece.

NarutoGet, First?

I've been scanning the net for the latest Naruto Shippuuden this morning, yes, it really is a waste of time (and not something I ever usually do), but I've making it slightly more interesting today. say they're always first, and that they would be releasing this weeks double episode at 4 AM pacific time, so I've been doing a little research to see if they really are the first. While quickly scanning through Google, Yahoo, Bing & a few other major search engines hundreds of SEO optimized results regarding this episode appear, with filenames like watch-naruto-shippuuden-episode-35-36-streaming-online-media-free.html. When clicking the URL you are directed to a page with no episode, and no information on the episode, except for either a preview from the end of the last episode, or a release date. This procedure is repeated on almost all streaming anime websites, and I'm sure it brings in website traffic like a news bulletin that Obama was shot down in cold blood would do, but I can't help get annoyed by it. I've been updating a few of the top search results all the way up until 4 am, and guess what, was first. They weren't ready at 4 am, but they did manage to update the message to "will be online in 15 minutes". That message lasted about half an hour, but in the end, they did manage to upload the episode before any other websites.

Problem is, soon after the episode had been added the whole website crashed, so I had to go find another one. Other websites were pretty speedy too. It's amazing how dedicated they are at getting a single episode in place as quickly as possible, it's like a big competition, an unseen race with millions of contestants passing by unseen before our very own eyes. Maybe there was some site who managed to upload the episode before NarutoGet, some small anime blog celebrating their third day of existence, but we will be unaware of their humble win now and forever. It's a cruel, cruel world indeed. :/

1000 One Piece

1000 One Piece

It's a legendary screenshot! A cookie to anyone who can guess/knows which site it was taken at. :)

Kamisama Kazoku (2006)

Kamisama Kazoku

Kamizama Kazoku is the story of a young boy and his family. As is the case with most main characters he is not just your average young boy, and neither is his family. His family consists of three candidate goddesses, his mother is a goddess, his father is god himself, and the main character is a god in training. He has been placed in the normal world in order to learn what it's like living life like a normal human being and eventually take the throne and rule over humanity justly.


One Piece Direct Downloads

ADC will now be uploading all One Piece episodes for direct download! So look here all anime fans. Click here for more info.

Why this is good great amazing incredible revolutionary news :
- No more waiting for torrents to be completed
- Fast FTP downloads
- Updated Daily

UPD: Link gone. Why? ACD fansubs are gone.

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