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Kamisama Kazoku (2006)

Kamisama Kazoku

Kamizama Kazoku is the story of a young boy and his family. As is the case with most main characters he is not just your average young boy, and neither is his family. His family consists of three candidate goddesses, his mother is a goddess, his father is god himself, and the main character is a god in training. He has been placed in the normal world in order to learn what it's like living life like a normal human being and eventually take the throne and rule over humanity justly.


One Piece Direct Downloads

ADC will now be uploading all One Piece episodes for direct download! So look here all anime fans. Click here for more info.

Why this is good great amazing incredible revolutionary news :
- No more waiting for torrents to be completed
- Fast FTP downloads
- Updated Daily

UPD: Link gone. Why? ACD fansubs are gone.

ADC Urgency

As written at -

This is a very important piece of news, so it needs to have attention brought to it. As sudden as this is to both you and us at ADC, Laeliel has made her decision to relinquish her position as translator of the group. Due to these unforseen changes of the situation, we are now left without a Japanese to English translator.

If you, or anyone you know, would be able to fill this position, please feel more than free to email both myself at and Rhombus, at with the topic header: ADC Translator Position. Until the position is filled, we will be unable to make any releases, so please, if you or anyone you know could help, stand up to the good cause, and carry on the legacy!

We all wish Laeliel the best in whatever she carries on to do, and hope you all appreciated her work.

Now. I really want to keep following this anime, so I decided to repost this here. Anyone interested in the position get over to Thanks.

UPD: As written at ADC-heaven

Just posting a news update to put you all out of your state or worry. We have now received a large amount of application emails, and we will be arranging our final decisions shortly.

Our sincere thanks go out to everyone who have sent in applications for the position of our translator, and those who have expressed their worries. Don't worry, things will be patched up shortly, and we'll be back to normal with some new staff members! As one fan said in an email, we will rock again very soon. =P

Watch this space, we'll be getting 280 and 281 out as soon as possible with the specials, with the help of our new translators (note the plural, we don't want this to happen again XD).

Seeya soon!


999 Anime Wallpapers

The Anime Wallpaper Gallery is complete! :D

999 Great Wallpapers in total. The last 150 of them are being uploaded as I write this, at 60 kbps. There is no gallery script to index them atm, instead they are just stuck in their folder, and you can view them all using the example URL provided (in the anime section > walls). A full featured gallery for them will probably never be up, saves me bandwidth. Yeah... I accomplished a long time taking task, woot. Good Night now.

Naruto The Movie 2 (2005)

Naruto Movie 2

Naruto: Gekijyouban Naruto Daigekitotsu! Maboroshi no Chiteiiseki Dattebayo!!
(Naruto's big clash in the Theatre! The illusion of the ruins of the depths of the earth!!)


ADC Fansubs Translator

ADC Fansubs, the team that are currently subbing the newest One Piece episodes are in need of a new translator. I don't know if any English and Japanese speaking people actually visit this site atm, but nonetheless, if you think you could help them out visit their site so that we can all continue enjoying the latest One Piece episodes. ^_^

UPD: Site gone.

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