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Another GOG Giveaway!

Another GOG Giveaway!

Almost forgot about this one! Another chance @S3C. ;) Link.


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  1. S3C
    Wednesday Nov/18/2020

    hehe...looks cool

  2. Cyber
    Wednesday Nov/18/2020

    Nice :)

  3. S3C
    Saturday Jan/9/2021

    this game is B R U T A L

  4. Cyber
    Saturday Jan/9/2021

    Ey you've been playing it too! Sounds like it does the cover justice? Good kind of

    B R U T A L


  5. S3C
    Saturday Jan/9/2021

    got to the jungle level yet?

  6. Cyber
    Saturday Jan/9/2021

    Ah maybe I should have phrased that more like: Ey you got the giveaway and played it too!

    Haven't gotten to this one yet. Like so much else. No new games at all last year I think.

    Good though?

  7. S3C
    Sunday Jan/10/2021

    its brutal

  8. Cyber
    Sunday Jan/10/2021

    Like brutally hard or aesthetic kind of brutal?

  9. S3C
    Sunday Jan/10/2021

    pure b r u t a l

  10. Cyber
    Sunday Jan/10/2021

    Maaan this comment exchange is b r u t a l! XD

  11. Cyber
    Sunday Jan/10/2021

    Maybe I should read such an evenly spaced b r u t a l as purely an a s e s t h e t i c kind of brutal. Hmm! Purity's good too. Rare with a pure game these days. More so puree games.

    The industry's p r e t t y brutal.

  12. S3C
    Tuesday Jan/19/2021

    beat it- the most brutal kills I've seen since God of War 2. Also there's cyberdevils in it, even flying ones that yield buzzsaws...

    Gameplay- 4/5
    Graphics- 5/5
    Music- 5/5
    Story- 3/5 (there really isn't one, but the visual are enough to serve as the premise for good imagination)
    Replayability- 4/5

  13. Cyber
    Tuesday Jan/19/2021

    Woooo I GOTTA make time for this one then. :O

    Thanks for the summarative evaluation S3C. Sounds better than I thought it'd be. Was thinking maybe a bit like Alien Shooter - buggy, badly translated and sometimes aggravatingly difficult but with enough massace to keep you running and thrashing Earth regardless; still entertaining, with functional control and violence en masse.

    Replayability- 4/5 - replayed already?

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