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Anticipated Movie Sequels 2013

So... since I did one of these lists back in 2012, why not do one more? A short list of movies I'm looking forward to and then some I'm really not looking forward to this year that just began. It starts with...

A Good Day To Die Hard

Aka Die Hard 5. So far the Die Hard series is one of the best series of action movies ever made. Though nothing can really compare to the first three, the fourth one managed to bring new life to the series, and Bruce Willis is still doing all major ass-kicking in the movies.

In this one, it will be no different, I hope! It will be another great dosage of punchlines and personal warfare, a classic clash of good versus evil in some criminal scheme that is bigger than ever. Actually, the fourth one was the biggest one yet, and it feels like it'd be a hard job to top that one off. Will they even try? Maybe it'll be back to the normal villainous plots as in the former three, Now that the series is back on track and all I suppose they don't need to give it another big push. I haven't read the IMDB info on this one, but I'm looking forward to whatever it brings! Whatever it is, it's bound to be good action.

Monsters University

The original Monsters Inc was no favorite, but it was a good movie; good fun... and I am looking forward to this sequel!

The World's End

Technically this is not a sequel, but it is the third movie directed by Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. There was Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and now... The World's End. This time it's a (I'm guessing incredibly fresh and funny) take on the disaster film genre. The first two were great, and I am really really REALLY looking forward to this one!!

Superman - Man Of Steel

Superman is BACK! What more is there to say? It's a movie directed by Nolan too, the same Nolan who brought life back into the Batman franchise. It's going to be something special, that's foretold already!

I just hope it doesn't become too much like Batman. Superman and Batman are really different characters. The Batman series has always had a touch of darkness, whereas the Superman series has had a more humorous touch... or maybe that's how both were before Nolan took over. Anyway, it'll be exciting to see how this turns out!

Once Upon a Time in Shanghai

Donnie Yen. Oh yeah! There's going to be fighting involved!!

Fast & Furious 6

I watched the fifth one at the cinema. Didn't have high expectations since the 4th was crap (watched that one at the movies too unfortunately), but it was good, really good. Of course I'm looking forward to this one!

Star Trek 2

I watched the first one at the movies, I think. Or did I watch it someplace else? Maybe I just watched it on a really big screen... Anyway, I never saw the original Star Trek movies, but the new start brought me into the series, for real, and I'm seriously looking forward to this one.

Iron Man 3

I didn't really like the second one, but the first was an all-time Marvel favorite. Hope this one brings it back again!

Scary Movie 5

Yeah! Dirt Nasty's playing a role, too. The third (which he was in) was the best one out of the lot. Hoping this will be just as good!

G.I. Joe - Retaliation

Oh yeah, can't get more action than this! :D


Where's Jackie Chan at? Nothing announced for 2013! I hope he does SOMETHING. There are also remakes of Evil Dead and Wizard of Oz on route, they might be interesting to watch. Wolverine 2? Captain America 2? Kick-Ass 2? Red 2? Hunger Games 2? Bad Santa 2? That's a lot of twos! I'm looking forward to those too. Now, as for movies I'm not looking forward to seeing the sequels of:

Despicable Me 2

A movie they SHOULD have made a sequel to is Megamind. Now THAT was a good movie! Despicable Me should have been the one left behind. How did people choose this over the other? Why is this one getting a sequel and Megamind isn't? World's unfair.

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Yeah, meh, the first one was nothing special.

Grown Ups 2

The first movie was shit, and I'm thinking this is going to be just like it.

Zombieland 2

Why am I even commenting on these movies? Obviously all of the sequels that I don't expect much of are not being much expected from because the originals sucked. This one wasn't that bad, but it wasn't anything memorable either.

And that concludes the list for this year! Let's see how things turn out.


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