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Any Which Way You Can (1980)

Any Which Way You Can (1980)

Considering how old Clint Eastwood looks in this movie, it's hard to imagine that the last movie I saw with him was made more than my current lifetime after this time. He's come along way, and is still going strong! This movie is a sequel (a rather oddly named such - no numbers) to this movie, and it's good!

The plot is the same combination of randomness, relationship and fighting as in the previous one, with a few differences. The most major one is the monkey (still not sure if Clive is a baboon or some other breed), who suddenly seems much older; not as fond of life as earlier. Add to that the prrrrft noises they keep zooming in on for all kinds of situations (overall there are way too many close-ups of reaction faces for pretty much all eventful scenes), and he's suddenly not the charming character he was in the first movie. He does play an important part, but it's like he and Eastwood have a rather distanced relationship in this one, similar to the relationship he now has to the girl who abandoned him in the first movie. While that movie had a not-so-happy ending and a happy beginning, this one starts unhappy and gets happier. Still the relationship drama is not enough, it's not plausible, they get over their previous emotional torments way too fast, the motorcycle gang (replace potential spoiler with plot development here) get over their grudges way too fast, the fighter he's supposed to meet up and fight with becomes his friend way too fast, it just doesn't have any depth. Still an entertaining movie though, in the same manner as the previous one.

Fun fact: Jack Wilson, the fighter who fights Clint Eastwood in his final fight (a pretty good fight btw) has only appeared in a single movie: this one! IMDB has no character biography either. A mystery character! I'd have liked to know what happened to him...

 rated 3/5: not bad


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