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April Rain (2014)

April Rain (2014)

This movie is a mess.

I was hoping for greater things considering how Luke Goss plays a lead roll, but all he ever does is advice the rookie a little, and waltz around both office and home looking like he has no control over anything and would rather be at some other recording.

Ryan Guzman does a good job as the rookie, but considering he supposedly knows martial arts I'm thinking the fight choreography could have used a huge facelift (maybe fistlift'd be a word?)! The occasional gunfights are OK, but the fighting itself is virtually inexistent. Chases look forced, and even in enemy encounters there is just no perceptible tension between the characters.

The script is decent, but the filming doesn't capture the greater scheme of things at all. Even when there's emotion, it's just not enough; maybe it's malplaced. There's a terrorist plot the good guys are uncovering, one of them is undercover, and all parties involved are having family trouble on the side. Maybe the problem is that all emotion is placed in these scenes, rather than during the actual encounters. It's like the characters are moving along two separate paths, living parallel lives in and away from work, and all emotional drama happens in a sheltered environment far from the actual plot. Three wives (out of which two seem somewhat psychotic) all break down at different intervals, and the main character has a thing with his undercover bosses daughter, who at the end leaves him with a gun in her car.

But is that the end? Prepare for a totally incomprehensible twist that I hope will leave you as baffled as me! Or better yet: if you have some better titles on queue, just skip this one. I'm not sure it was worth watching.

I think the aspect in which it falters most is how it makes everything seem greater than it is. The terrorist plot is supposed to be elaborate and threatening, yet the bombs never go off, there are barely any gunfights and the final hangar has one single guard. There's just too little personnel for the scope of the movie. Same thing with the office. And the chase with scooters looks good only in slow-mo, as soon as they speed up it immediately becomes clear how slow they are really going, and excitement levels drop like... like April rain. This movie is a mess.

 rated 2/5: decent


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