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$1,000,000!, that site that saves a billion webpages every week, to which you can go whenever you want to find a cached copy of some site you've been to, that site's following suite and opening for public donations. You can donate here if you like. They're up at 1,2m since I took the screencap above, so maybe they'll actually reach their goal, as gigantic as it may seem! It is, after all, a gigantic project.

An honorable one as such deserves a plug too. I just hope they don't go the same way Wikipedia did, and start getting greedy with how much money they need and how they use it. I always get suspicious when grand renovations are underway and donations open up at the same time! But this is definitely a service I use and cherish, maybe even more so than that aforementioned encyclopedia of user-contributed knowledge. Here's to another decade and stuff! And on note of helping out: Stop TTIP. Give it a Google. Do something. It'd be a small victory in the bigger scheme of things, what with all similar abbreviations the corporations to camouflage their heinous plans of world domination, but it might be that one that changes history. Get to it!


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