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Armed (2018)

Armed (2018)

It's about gun control. It's about a crazy guy. It's about a setup.

It's a both imaginative, feelgood, and dark movie, and it starts in such an everyday way that you're not really prepared for the turns it takes.

After the main character holds an inspiring speech in front of a potential client, who turns out to be a pretty serious gangster: cockroaches start falling from the ceiling, and he accidentally slices the guys ear off... only it's just in his mind.

The pressure amounts. The music starts going crazy. He accidentally nicks the ear instead, the guy gets pissed off, his goons go to attack, and the main character jumps out of the window and gets the hell out of there, and the gangsters give chase!

With such an intro maybe I should have expected something wasn't right. Maybe I should have expected what came later.

But the bisexual, beautiful blue-haired girl, and the paranoid guy from his old group distracted me. I didn't see the big picture.

Then it turns into an abduction drama, and when it's all over I'm both shook, and confused, and relieved, and smiling... such a twist.

I was expecting an action movie like so many others, but this one blew me away, and at the same time it picks up on an important question: the one of arms. The right to bear arms. It doesn't take a side. It just brings up the question, and takes you along for one hell of a ride while it does.

Did I mention it's inspired by true events, too? Totally different events than I pictured when I first heard that. I can say that much.

Props to Mario Van Peebles on playing the best main role I've seen in some time, and beautiful blue-haired girl: you sure helped.

The critics don't give this the praise it deserves.

They say it loses you, but I believe it hinted everything just enough, kept things cryptic, and didn't push the gun control in your face either. It went its own way entirely, and I appreciate that.

The special effects were solid too. Or rather: ethereal. Surreal. Special.

If anything felt forced it may have been the final scenes, but for the most part it was perfect. It was anything but what I was expecting, so much more than I bargained for, and these days: that's rare. This one stands out, and it does so in a good way as far as I'm concerned.

Maybe you'll get a totally different experience if you're prepared for it, but if you happen to have skipped the entire review above and just started reading this: go watch it. Spoilers above. Sorry.

You're better off unprepared.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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