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Armstrong (2017)

Armstrong (2017)

One normal, peaceful night, two paramedics pick up a stranger with a strange prosthetic arm with superpowers, and suddenly they're chased by people from the future wishing to vaporize them. Sort of.

The atmosphere builds up pretty good, and even if it's low-budget it's not bad. Both Shawn Parsons and Vicky Jeudy overact a bit, and there's a bit too much dialog - unnecessary dialog - just like this particular bit of writing is pretty unnecessary to be honest, but otherwise they make a good run.

I do like the suit and the special effects that come with it, and I really like the cover too! Unfortunately it gives a grand first impression for what turns out to be a sometimes somewhat dull movie, while they talk and ride around in the ambulance and the threat's always near but not really that perceptible. It's good, but imagine this with a bigger budget, and say Stallone in the lead role? That would've been something to see.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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