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Army Of Thieves (2021)

Army Of Thieves (2021)

I really wasn't prepared for where this movie would take me!

Who would've thought an ordinary German with a knack for cracking safes, recruited by a group of international heist partakers in the middle of a brewing zombie apocalypse - to crack a series of safes inspired by Richard Wagner's Opera, would take this route?

The scenery's beautiful. The filmography's polished. The characters are great. I didn't know most of the cast, but then suddenly there's Ana de la Reguera in the middle of it all, and Bautista with a quick cameo. The things you expect the least...

I feel like some of the action scenes could've been choreographed better - the bullet wound in particular looks like a paintball splash - but the drama's definitely there. Along with a strange kind of comedy, which feels as refreshing as the theme itself, like they're finally deciding to open some new doors in the stagnant Hollywood brewery, but also... gets slightly depressing.

Whatever happened to those girls? It doesn't feel complete without them.

Still this movie's great. It's different. Don't let the title fool you.

 rated 4.5/5: almost awesome


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