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As The Light Goes Out (2014)

As The Light Goes Out (2014)

Jackie Stan stars in a short apocalyptic commercial! But that's beside the plot. The plot is a small supposedly extinguished fire at a winery expanding to unexpected proportions when a power plant nearby starts heating up and power-hungry bosses place their positions before the people.

It's a story about firefighters, relations, and life. There's not so much fire as there's smoke, but the way it's portrayed it almost seems like it's alive - a ghastly breath of poison that slowly chokes the life out of everyone it touches. It's a sad and inspiring story, and I wrote a little song as the credits rolled. If it inspires a lyric, it's got to be a great watch! ;)

Filming's not bad, the sceneries balance between fiery explosions and barren hallways littered with ash and dust, the actors do a good job, fighting bad memories as they try to save lives, and the basic storyline doesn't take away much from the tragedy, even if it's a bit aggravating how the whole disaster could've been avoided if only some people had been a bit wiser.

The shaky cam is a bit much at times, and the sceneries occasionally seem fake and almost Silent-Hillishly hellish, but overall: it's good, it's gritty, it feels real. It's also dedicated towards all the firefighters out there, and it seems like there's plenty of thought put into the film.

I wonder what goes through their heads as they watch this, if they can relate to it; if this is, really, the life they live. Maybe it's as much a show for the world of the hardships firefighters face, as it's a call for them to stay strong and keep fighting the good fight. And that maybe it's never really that bad.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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