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As The Light Goes Out (1:18)

Wrote this little thing after watching the movie with the same name. Recorded it acapella style, with three recorded layers at one take each. It's not perfect, but I know that when I start tinkering with these things then usually they never even get posted, so I hope you'll enjoy it as is. ;) And watch the movie! Great watch. I left a review here.


As the light goes out, we try to fight it out,
But we are prisoners amidst a sea of flame,
Maybe a dust explosion maybe can bust this open,
Or else, everything we've done will be in vain!

As the lights go out, we try to fight it out,
But what the fire's taken cannot be reclaimed,
We used to laugh and joke, you took your last of smokes,
Now all that we have left is your name,

It can't take that way!
Take that away 3x
It's all we have today!
All we have today 3x
We made a last escape!
The building madly shapes!
But as with everything in life
it's not a lasting quake,
We almost choked on smoke,
Felt all our hope elope,
But does it really matter who will take the blame?!

( You can't take the pain away
Can't take that away
Take that away

x2 )

We've been in the fire, we've been in the rain today,
Our clothes are singed and all our shades our gray,
As the light goes out we try to fight it out
But we are prisoners amidst a sea of flame

In a fire you can't tame...


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