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Assassin Club (2023)

Assassin Club (2023)

Chow Yun-fat! No wait... look-alike. Younger version of him. Henry Golding! He's got charisma too. And the moves...

This was way better than I expected.

I first thought it'd be a hitman kill hitman type battle royale, a la Smokin' Aces Assassin's Ball, but it was something different. It was a hunt with a twist, a tale of vengeance, with one cold-blooded lady in the lead, and a cunning plot to kill 'em all.

The action choreography's creative.

The fight at the morgue was a real highlight, and it takes unexpected turns along the way otherwise too - in the ways of killers and connoisseurs of pain and psychological turmoil...

Though maybe I paint that too morbid. It's not all that!

It is a thriller sometimes, but more so action, and it's gripping. Unfortunately it's also laden with unnecessary special effects, like the fires, not just explosions but even a special effects fireplace?! Why ruin the scene with something like that...

It's not perfect always, but it was way better than I thought it'd be from the jump. The handler redeems himself too - Sam Neill - for a moment I felt like he just seemed all too narcissistic.

Looks do deceive...

And the hitmen/women? All good too. Check out the crew.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Really feels like a movie renaissance lately in regards to action and all...


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