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At One Day's End

Was planning to write, record and review a bunch of stuff tonight, but I'm just too tired to collect my thoughts properly. Instead I write this, and if that's no paradox then what? How can I formulate a blog tolerably yet not take care of anything more worthwhile?

It's been a good day though. I took a walk with a buddy for the first time in a month or so - first person outside of the family in a month or so too. First person that I know, that I've interacted with during this lengthening self-isolation phase for real. Usually it's just cashiers and strangers.

The sun shone, the water glistened in a cold tone, the freshwater beach lay barren and inviting... but we weren't there for that. Just a quick mutual stroll in airy isolation, before the traditional Tuesday shopping round with a 5% pensioner rebate a the family. They installed the new washing machine this morning too. All is good.

It's fun to drive. I've started wondering how much of a risk of getting pulled over it'd be if you happen to drive twice the speed limit for just a while on the freeway between shop and home... just wondering.

I'm reminded of another buddy that's still home with corona; a cough and a tiredness that doesn't seem to seize. After three weeks. Jeez.

But that's all. This Corona thing... sometimes doesn't feel like a thing after all.


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