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At The End Of 2011

Already the fireworks are occasionally spray painting the starless sky outside gold. I'm looking back at the year that has passed, thinking about what I have (and what I have not) achieved... and making plans for the year ahead.

Resolutions for the new year? I'll have a list ready when the clock strikes 12. It's 20 now. It'll be 2012 at 12. :P The Inca Indians prophesied that the world would end in December 2012. If somebody gets careless with their nuclear weaponry, say the new dictator over there in North Korea, it doesn't seem far-fetched at all. With all the explosives scattered all over the world the whole planet could be blown to smithereens many times over, even without his involvement. If it so happens the planet isn't physically destroyed, there are plenty of other chaotic alternatives. Global economy is as unstable as a harpooned whale right now. Will it flip over and die? Will the end of the new year mark the start of a new era, in which our current financial system is replaced by something much greater, such as a greedless breed of humans striving to take care of our natural habitat instead of ravaging it in search for resources and riches, leaving little for the future generations attempting to survive in dull barren resource less landscapes?

A new start for the whole race would be nice. As for me, every new year is a new start. A new chance at achieving everything I've ever wanted to achieve. Embarking on new adventures. Maybe learning to fly a plane (that's not in my list of resolutions though), who knows, what the new year holds. It's the biggest present every Christmas. Only the hours left now. :)


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