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Away Fear (2:54)

Last year, when I for the first time decided to try my pen hand at a daily verse-writing/recording feat for the full duration of October, I asked Jabun if he'd be up for making a quick backing instrumental that I could write to, and he delivered me this!

Quick only in pace, it became an aim to set it up for the end of the month finale, a challenge culmination collab unlike others, but time grew close, and sparse, and my vocals couldn't make the cut when it mattered, so the day passed and this went without posting, replaced then by an almost remarkably mediocre substitute. Until now! With revamped instrumental and post-Inktober recording from 2019 masterfully mixed together by the one and only (that'd be @Jabun). ;)

Though Inktober's already done and gone there's no time to be stalling or stopping. Mop up the stalls of despot, of doubt that you've cobbed in, and like there's an option? Toss away fear. Time to finally share this, clear the air and fare to new lands, fair and airy. You can't prepare for life. But you can decide how you handle whatever pikes it gives you; whatever plights; whatever fight in you it tries to dismantle. Tie up your mantle and strive to be what only your mind can see! With a power not the heaviest torrent of torment can dampen or tamper!

The future's bright like an ampere.

Hope you enjoy! And thanks again Nick for a production always beyond expectation!

Lyrics here.


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