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Baaghi 3 (2020)

Baaghi 3 (2020)

Here's a tale of two brothers.

A younger, and an older one. A weaker, and a tougher one. One who always comes to the rescue when the other's in trouble. One who looks small but is really ferocious.

They start with a flashback to a time before they've grown up for real and the duo are old enough for romance and real intrigue, and holy moly can that little kid fight even back then!

The dad's a policeman, and on his deathbed he asks that the younger brother always be there for his older one... and that he is. Every time the older brother gets in trouble he calls for Ronnie, and Ronnie comes.

It's a both feelgood and at times pretty serious film, with action sequences on another level compared to say... the last Bollywood movie I watched (Welcome Back, 2016). The dance scenes aren't as many, but the action choreography's all the more impressive, and we even get a glimpse of a war-torn Syria (wonder if it might be real footage too) as the final showdown draws near.

Of course there's some love too. Some flashbacks. The usual. But it's not just Dabbang with relations and sibling bonds, it's impressively polished, in that explosive and slow-mo Bollywood way... at least all the way until the helicopter fight and certain inconsistencies with the final scenes.

Might've gotten a five with a bit more polish there.

It's flashy for way more than a four, and packs both a punch and a message when it's all over. A solid Bollywood banger, and it definitely won't be the last one I see.

Now I do wonder what Baaghi 1 and 2 might've been about! This seemed like a pretty standalone story...

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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