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Babylon A.D. (2008)

Babylon A.D. (2008)

Here's a dystopian, subtly Christian action movie, featuring Vin Diesel and Michelle Yeoh as Toorop and Sister Rebeka, and Mélanie Thierry as the prodigious Aurora. They guide from sanctuary into the world, where fractions fight to own her. And why? It's all revealed in time, but we soon come to know that - among other things, she can see the future.

It's a pretty good movie, and the symbolism's not used in a bad way. The mesh between sci-fi and religion is interesting, and maybe I'll spoil that element if I say more. But that's what the spoiler tags are for, right? Nah, maybe some other time.

The action sequences are good, the scenery's varied, and Vin Diesel is a lot like Riddick in this movie as well, albeit without any special powers. Maybe he's just himself. Powerful. Someone to be reckoned with.

The personalities are strong, and the world is gritty and futuristic. It feels like something that could've been the next Blade Runner, or Aeon Flux, or maybe just a new Riddick movie, yet in the end the theme goes elsewhere. Though it's all interesting, intense, and packed with futuristic elements and action, it just doesn't stand out as all that special. Only the ending does, and the uncertainty that comes with it. It was good, but I feel it could've been more.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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