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Mhm, back since a few minutes ago, with the latest of news.

The pedal to my brand new black BMW ... eh, bike, broke. So we brought it back with us and had it sledgehammered (wooden sledgehammer) back on, probably some factory error, if it falls off again within two years the whole apparatus will be sent back and a new one delivered. I've had the same thing happen with both of the two new bikes I bought within the past two years, but never with one of the old bicycles I've been riding furiously on through savage woodland terrain for the past fifteen years. Things don't get better. Shame they started using soft metal instead of the hardcore steel they used earlier.

I didn't manage to finish the timbered shed this short visit, but I took it all down and put it back up again with large 10cm nails to enforce last summers traditional wooden plugs, then I nailed the two sides of a split timber (split by hand with a gigantic (150cm long) antique saw in about three hours of sweat tears but fortunately no blood) to the front of the building for further re-enforcement.

When I was hammering a nail in place, standing right in front of the nail being hammered, it recoiled like a ninja star and made a little dent about a centimeter to the left of my left eye, woah, scary, could've made me blind if my left eye was two centimeters more to the left! I shielded my eyes a bit while commencing the hammering in of all the remaining nails. JSYK a nail ricochet (however you spell that) travels much faster than you'd imagine, no time to blink even. Or maybe I was just a bit slow due to no intake of morning-caffeine.

Checked email. Checked uptime. Posting post. So todays computering must-dos are done! Yay! Woohoo! Strange that what takes me about eight hours a minimum each day during winter just takes me an hour/week on summer. There must be a message there, lmao. Printed out my ticket too, and signed up for this semesters two creative writing and web design courses. I'll be leaving in about two weeks and I know I shouldn't, but I'm looking forward to the move, maybe because my parents will be staying up here for another month while I handle the house solo. :P



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