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Bad Ass 2 - Bad Asses (2014)

Bad Ass 2 - Bad Asses (2014)

Oh, unexpected sequel! The first thing I planned to mention in this review was how much alike the 'Bad Ass' movie from 2012 this sounded... but it's more than just alike in name! And before you mention how obvious a hint the title is: I didn't know there was more to the title than Bad Asses. Anyway...

Compared to the original Bad Ass movie, this was great. I mean it was better. I mean I enjoyed it more. The big difference is: this one's got Danny Glover! You know that old grumpy guy who's been old as long as I've seen him in the movies? In the Lethal Weapon movies he was already old, and that was a long time ago. Now he's older, but he really is a hardcore dude, just like Trejo. I'm a big fan of old dudes in movies, maybe because they look tough but I think even more so because they've still got it... even though they're old. It gives me hope for my own future! For a moment I didn't think Trejo and Danny would get along in the same movie, but they do just fine... maybe even outside the set, who knows. I think my initial impression of it not going well was due to Trejo's bad acting, which is occasionally: bad. But regardless of bad, he's entertaining; they both are, and there's plenty of action.

Plotwise it's pretty much a repeat of the first movie, with some minor differences like the nature of the crime, the actors, yada yada. It's no incredibly memorable action movie but it's got it's moments, like the bad guy getting stabbed in the eye (deja vu in Bullet (2014)), the showdown by the cars (and the contrast between them) and the text messages showing up on screen. No idea what I'm talking about? Just watch the flick. It was pretty good.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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