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Bad Boys For Life (2020)

Bad Boys For Life (2020)

I might be forgetting details in the prequels, but unexpectedly this one felt like the best one yet. If no more than by the way it starts. The Porsche. Lawrence still in his prime. Will a bit older and rougher but still that same dude: Bulletproof Mike.

Some twists you expect, some you don't. Sometimes the scenes transition perfectly, sometimes it's just a bit too fast. Sometimes you laugh, some­times you cry, but the cinematics, the personal drama, the party and that waterfront penthouse/ocean vibe - it's all there, and I love every second.

It's refreshing to see Rita back in the game too (never mind I thought she was Téa Leoni from the first one), and the main bad guy/gal duo are something else. Jacob Scipio's the perfect tough guy, and Kate del Castillo the perfect woman.

Apart from the occasional CGI that doesn't quite fly all the way (something with the burning building for one; something about the helicopter chase too) it's American action comedy as I just haven't seen it done in a long time. Not since the era of Lethal Weapon, Hollywood Cop, and of course the one and only, original Bad Boys.

Glad they got the third one out in time. Before the element of old and traditional versus new and improved totally took over.

I watched this in January btw. Bit late with this review...

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome

April, 2019

Bad Boys For Life (2020)

Aaaand I watched it again!

Too soon? Yeah. Maybe a little. Still good though. The special effects look a lot more authentic on a smaller screen too, even if the chase in particular still seems almost like it was filmed with a phone.

Also really gotta appreciate the pacing. They keep it tight. Not a dull moment, yet it doesn't feel rushed either. Just right. Pretty much. Maybe they could've slowed down a liiittle...

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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