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Bad Country (2014)

Bad Country (2014)

There's a lot of bad going on in 2014! Breaking bad inspiration maybe? Whatever it is, it's good. This bad.

This movie is about a criminal organization that existed in the 80s, and how one detective by accident stumbled upon at, and with help of one of its members cracked down upon it. Both the main character and the organization member go through tough times as a result, but the organization member has it the worst. I suppose I shouldn't feel bad for him; he is, after all, a murderer, a hit man who would've received 200 years in jail if he didn't strike a deal, but his care for his family is apparent, and his conviction is intense. He's the strongest person in the movie, and in the end he dies.

This was a tough movie, with tough characters, though scenarios and overall just a really intense atmosphere. I feel the gunfights flashed by a bit too fast, and didn't come out as gritty as they could have. But the movie did, more than expected!

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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