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Bad Moms (2016)

Bad Moms (2016)

^ Words for the witty, albeit best not lived by! :D

If you've ever wondered what it's like to be a mom... you probably shouldn't rely on a blockbuster Hollywood movie to paint an appropriate picture, but this one does at least get out the message that it's not easy, and that we should not underestimate these much-needed maternal pillars that push up society as we know it and turn as all into the wonderful people we eventually become (thanks mom)! Or at least some of them: the mothers who do their job - like the one main character mother in this movie. The title? Highly misleading.

The movie is about Amy (that's Mila Kunis), and her stressful life: working a part-time job, and raising kids, and living with a cheating husband, and attending PTA meetings she doesn't want to attend, and all that shizzle - until she hits a wall. Suddenly she just can't do it anymore, so she goes to a bar, and finds two burnt out moms like herself, and they go on a rampage.

I'm not so sure the moral of the party is the best one, but the movie thankfully never really delves into the drunken craze - it goes beyond that, and as the post-movie credits roll and all the main actors get interviewed together with their moms - talking about how it was to raise them, I feel pretty good about life in general. I'm not a mom, but it's still a nice slice of life comedy drama that everyone can relate to. Maybe because we all have moms. Or because we all work hard. Life gives you lemons and you give them back. Don't try to be something you're not. Just do as well as you can, and mean well, and after a few crazy ups and downs it'll all work out for you. That's what the story tells us - and there's a little bit of romance too.

This really is not the type of movie I usually watch. Girls are clearly the intended audience, but just like the recent 17 Again it's one of those movies that anyone should be able to derive something from - especially laughter, and I do like Mila. She shines, and seems like a genuinely appreciative and happy individual, even if it gets a bit irritating how the worth and capability of every male around her is played down and they're made to look like totally useless dudes. They do empower the plot in their necessitating her to rise up and do stuff, but why do all guys have to be bad in movies like this? Why?! Even the principal is useless. I don't mean the alpha-male type bad - which would be expected: I mean in their playing on male stereotypes as to bring down our image. I feel like they could do all this without doing that.

But anyway, that's just a little something that irks me. As a guy, you know. As one not within the intended audience.

Overall, it's no-nonsense entertainment with a message. Good stuff.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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