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Bad Santa 2 (2016)

Bad Santa 2 (2016)

Bad Santa 2 was a crappy comedy. A real crappy, crappy comedy. It's not just the crappy characters - the main one pissing over all good things of old, and having to once again rely on the retard to set him on the right path. It's about articulate and forced dialog, bad chemistry, and a really really predictable plot. It's also about how even though it has a certain level of 'adultness' to it, it feels immature and stupid, and aimed at an unsuitably younger audience - the censored sex scenes seem to show as much. Add to that how it's a repeat on the first one. It's pretty much the same thing all over again with a couple new characters, girls, and twists along the way.

It did have some comical elements, like Bad Santa's conversation with the kids (even if they did that part in the previous too), and the crash, but overall it just feels like they try to be as verbally abusive and overall... abusive... just because. They play with stereotypes and prejudice, but without wit or comedy. There's basically nothing to redeem the characters, and the story's as basic as it gets. It might've worked when Thurman was a kid, but as an adult...

It took them 13 years to make a sequel, but maybe they shouldn't have made one at all. If they do plan to make a sequel to this, hopefully the next 13 years won't be enough time for the main character to relapse once again and have to go through all this shit once more. It's not totally un-entertaining, but it does feel overly unnecessary, repetitive and generally just retarded. Too much compromise and too little commitment.

 rated 2/5: decent


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