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Baise-Moi (2000)

Baise-Moi (2000)

Baise Moi means 'Fuck Me' in French, so from the title you pretty much know what type of movie this is going to be. Gritty, exploitational, endearing, and not exceptionally entertaining or inspiring, but convincingly real. It was banned in Malaysia because of very high impact violence and sexual content throughout, and soon after also in Singapore and Australia. A bit extreme, but it's definitely not a pleasant watch.

It's about two girls, each with their own gory story, who get together and go on a killing spree around the country, getting fucked and fucking guys over (girls too - they don't discriminate). It's messy, and not very sexy, and in the end it appears as pointless as it appears.

All the while they kill and get money, they talk, and contemplate life and the end, and ride around, and walk around, and look around, and then it's over. Where does it all lead? Not really where you expect.

I'm not sure what I got from this, maybe just the revelation that: not everyone has a purpose. Not everyone gets where they want, or does what they want, or knows what they want. Not everyone cares. For some there's an edge, for some there isn't, and what's really right and wrong? Were the main characters good or bad? Could their actions be justified by the circumstances of their lives, or did they take a turn somewhere when they should've just kept moving forward? What's life? What in the world did this movie have that opened up for so many questions? I don't question my ethics, I promise, but it did make me wonder.

The filming isn't very professional, but the blood does look real. I suppose it is how it's supposed to be: down to Earth and disgusting. I wouldn't recommend this movie, but it definitely brought up new perspectives, and both script and filming feel natural. An unconventional; unpleasant watch.

 rated 2/5: decent


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