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Ball Breaker Bowling

I went bowling today! I got some of these,

The Strikes

and a few of these!

The Spares

Also some of these odd ones,

The Circles

and unfortunately also these.

The Dashes

It was at this place:

Ball Breaker Promo

5 games. 658 points. 131 average. 160 tops. Though some were a close call I won 'em all. :) Good times. If you want to see the holy sheet you'll find it here.

Fun fact: one of the bowling balls I played with was actually broken. It had a forth crater drilled into one side. Apparently it still worked OK.


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  1. S3C
    Thursday Jun/29/2017

    i'll show you a ballbreaker *grabs crotch*

  2. Cyber
    Thursday Jun/29/2017

    Don't do it man! It's not worth it!!

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