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Banlieue 13 & Then Some

I just downloaded the greatest movie ever created without knowing about it until I watched it and I was struck like light and lightning, luck. This movie is absolutely amazing, I watched it twice in a row yesterday and an additional 3 times today with English subtitles (which didn't come with it from the beginning, it's French).

The action is endless. The plot is stunning. It is so well thought up and all parts are so well filmed, there is also so much variation. The music soundtrack by Da Great Octopus fits in amazingly well in all scenes, I could even say this movie has the best soundtrack I have ever heard. Ooooh... if you haven't seen this, see it!!! If you don't, an important piece of your meaningless life will go missing forever. I'll have to write a 5 page essay of the genius of this movie when i have time...

and then for some CyberDyze related news

...ATM I am working on making this site multilingual (by that I do not mean the crappy world-lingo translator at the top of the right menu.) English and Swedish, with different content depending on the language and translated blogs/pages, images and movies stay the same. If you would like to help translate the site to other languages, contact me. Styles will be finalized too, they are all incomplete and buggy right now... and I'll add the rest of the content. Even weekends are busy nowadays, lol, I can't even stay home and work on my site like I used to. Tomorrow I'll be going to a course on how to draw manga, have a good weekend everyone!

UPD: I never went to the course on how to draw Manga, unfortunately. I never got to making the site bilingual either, just took too much time. Still, you must watch Banlieue 13, great stuff. O_o


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  1. Cyberdevil
    Saturday Jun/3/2006

    You can view all blogs in Swedish now, and about half of the pages. Read how to in the help section. I am starting on finalizing the layout and adding the rest of the coming soon/missing content now . . .

  2. Cyberdevil
    Saturday Jun/3/2006

    Edit again, no more Swedish. It will be all English though, with a separate section in Swedish instead. SO I wont have to write everything in Swedish and English at the same time . . .

  3. Cyberdevil
    Saturday Jun/3/2006

    Mumble, edit for the 3rd time. All posts have been backported to the new engine, so there will be no Swedish at all on the site.

  4. Cyber
    Thursday Apr/28/2016

    Btw, I have no idea why I added in all these site-specific blog update comments on this particular post, but if you read this and wonder: the site used to be bilingual, and I had two sections for each language.

    I do sometimes post in Swedish though. Very rarely. When there's something I must say that can nae be translated!

  5. S3C
    Tuesday Jul/3/2018

    wow, you went from all blogs in Swedish, to a separate section in Swedish, to none at all in the same day XD

  6. Cyber
    Tuesday Jul/3/2018

    Yeaaah the comment dates got messed up a bit with the move to that new engine mentioned in comment #3. XD

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