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Banned Once More

Oh my, I've been banned again. 3rd time this month!
I'll be back at the BBS in a day or two.

UPD: Ported from NG


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  1. GUnit0001
    Monday Oct/29/2007

    pick better threads

  2. GUnit0001
    Monday Oct/29/2007

    4 what?spamming?beacuse u have over 89 flash submitions and they were relesed in a perioud of three mounths!come on 89 in three mounths thats insane only a spammer would have that many!and 2,347 posts!come on

  3. Cyber
    Monday Oct/29/2007

    noooo, they don't have anything at all to do with the BBS. :P Twas a ban for posting in a spam thread, as usual.

  4. GUnit0001
    Monday Oct/29/2007

    sorry dude

  5. Cyber
    Wednesday Oct/31/2007

    yeah, I should do that

  6. Cyber
    Wednesday Oct/31/2007

    lol, it's ok :P

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