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Barbarian Queen 2 - The Empress Strikes Back (1989)

Barbarian Queen 2 - The Empress Strikes Back (1989)

Another batch of bad acting and beautiful babes bashing down tyrants!

One of them begins a queen, but when the king is supposedly killed she is forced to leave her castle. She joins up with yet another resistance and together with a man who leaves the evil King's alliance they fight to reach the scepter and take over. There's some family drama involved, like when the king accidentally kills his daughter (and his scream clips terribly - bad budget sound equipment) and when a couple of other couples die, but overall it's... yet another B-Movie, complete with catfights and that one scene where the main character's imprisoned and supposedly tortured while she lies bare-titted on a blistering bench (there's one of those in the prequel too).

The props are higher-budget than the last time around, but it's basically the same thing in a new package, with a few more characters and some new elements of mystical magic involved.

The 'evil king' looks just like the one from Robin Hood btw. Oh, and it's from 1989! Looks like I've yet to watch all the good stuff from my first most masterful year. That is all! OK watch.

 rated 2/5: decent


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