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Beauty And The Beast (2017)

Beauty And The Beast (2017)

Watching a classy Disney fairytale once in a while is really not bad! This one reminded me of Frozen - similarities lying in the price/princess theme, true love, magic, in how appearances can be deceiving, that it's the inside that really matters... that type of plot.

It's an adaptation of the classic animation with the same name; about a fair maiden and a monster who fall in love, though now it's part real and part CGI, and there's a lot of music!

Emma Watson plays the beautiful Belle, Dan Stevens the Beast, and Luke Evans plays the real bad guy - the Beast who is beautiful on the outside.

Emma's a bit... stiff. Under-expressive. She does some things perfectly but still manages to seem uncomfortable in her role, so the story comes of feeling somewhat artificial - even if the sceneries are beautiful, the setting charming, and scary, and the plot both romantic and tragic... and most of all there's that Disney magic.

I'm not sure if the original had music or not, and come to think of it I'm not sure if I ever really watched it in full, either. Maybe good time to revisit the original? The music is definitely a highlight here, and along with a real flare for fantasy and beauty... I like it. The character chemistry isn't perfect, and it's not the kind of movie I usually see, but why stick to stereotypes right? Watching a classy Disney fairytale once in a while is really not bad!

It's an uplifting tale, when it's all over, and it definitely takes you away from the gray everyday for the little while it plays. Such are the ways of the classy classic Disney price and princess tales.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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