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Bee Movie (2007)

Bee Movie (2007)

So Jerry Seinfeld made an animated movie! And voiced the main character! I really didn't see this one coming. It makes for a pretty fun movie, albeit with an at times weirdly-voiced protagonist, and a lot of Stand-up-like comedy.

It was such a feel good movie though! Barry the bee has just graduated, and is ready to take on a job at the bee factory, but when he's made aware he'll be working the same shift until he dies he freaks out, flies out of the hive, and meets Vanessa - a human. She saves his life, and in turn he sues humanity... after discovering humans sell their hard-worked honey in stores. He has yet to realize however, that bees play a far more important role in the function of nature than he imagined, and his decision to sue humankind may have life-altering consequences for not just him, but the entire world! Exciting intrigue, isn't it?

Seinfeld's voice is weird to hear on a bee, and at times highly unsuitable, and even when you don't see him that I-can't-really-act aura seems to permeate even his voice, but still, it is funny. It's feelgood, and creative, and totally harmless.

Overall: a much better animated movie than I remembered (I have seen it before, but maybe that was before I'd seen Seinfeld), and a breath of fresh air compared to all those other all-very-similar (but good) movies within the Disney omniverse. It's fun and packed with puns, and more-than-ever relevant to our planetary health, as well.

It's about bees and their beesniss... and humankind with their higher-than-life hive mind too. Did I say they had many puns? To bee or not to bee... I didn't even see! Did they have way too few? Maybee, wordplay just can't be portrayed in view. ;) But it was great. Uplifting, even if you thought it wouldn't fly. It's more about daisies than Day Z's. Play bees. Buzz off and watch the movie (if you feel like you may like it, and feel like it). Oh man I can't stop! Like a stinger, I'm leaving this bee hind. Now.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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