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Benches At The Dentist

I just booked an appointment.

After a long time (years) of stalling I made up my mind and called in, and it's amazing how relieved I feel right now. I guess the tension has been building up these past few weeks that I've spent researching the perfect place to go to. Or maybe it's just cause I didn't sleep very well last night. Maybe a probable combination of the two, but either way I'm so amazingly relieved my nose is quickly clogging, my eyes watering like an overflowing dam. Strange huh? Don't remember the last time I felt like this.

No doubt I'll be hellishly nervous next week when the time is growing short, but it's an inescapable phase of the month. I just have to get my teeth checked. I think I lost a filling some time last year, because there's a big hole (doesn't look like a cavity though, too round) in one of my molars, and I think I need to fix a couple of other teeth as well. Not sure. I'm not getting my hopes up though, I haven't been bound by routine the past few years when it comes to brushing teeth so it won't be a surprise if there is trouble. Of course I am now (bound by routine), but it's easier to fix a problem after it appears than before there is one. Laser care is a must for me since my fear of going to the dentist has been growing to unrecognizable proportions the past few years. I think last time was 4 years ago. Not sure.

But I feel great now, anyway. :) Gotta live in the moment. I'm going the 23rd, so there's still much time left! Later.


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  1. Björn
    Tuesday Mar/20/2012

    Vars ska du då då?
    Ska också till tandläkaren på fredag, Emaljkliniken i Kallhäll kl 10.

  2. Cyber
    Tuesday Mar/20/2012

    Danderyd. Finns bara tre folktandvårder i Stockholm med laser, och dom borde väl vara bäst antar jag. :) Kortast restid också.

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